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NVI partners with major manufacturers and corporations in the transportation industry to provide training and build connections for future employment.

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One of NVI Blairsville’s valued partners, Allegheny Trucks of Altoona, Pa., in late 2022 generously donated an International ProStar truck to NVI for the trade school’s expansive diesel and heavy equipment shop.


NVI uses the truck in its six-month technician training. NVI teaches students of every ability and all economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including those from underserved communities. 


NVI Blairsville is the nation’s largest campus dedicated to training highly sought automotive, diesel, and heavy equipment technicians.  


Allegheny Trucks Service Manager Larry Sherry led his team’s effort to donate the truck cab, arranging for delivery just before Christmas 2022.


“We greatly appreciate Allegheny Trucks’ support as we endeavor to teach talented students from underserved communities about diesel technology and help them pursue jobs that offer head of household incomes and long-term careers,” said CEO Gary Beeman of NVI Blairsville’s parent company, New Village Initiative. 


“Our mission to equip families takes the support of our industry partner employers who provide excellent equipment,” Beeman added. “In addition, the financial support of donors through our New Village Foundation makes it possible for students to graduate debt-free by providing much-needed scholarships. Without that support, these students couldn’t attend classes after high school and have an opportunity for a lifetime career that can support a family on one income.”


Sherry said Allegheny Trucks saw the donation as a way to give back to the industry by supporting trade school education at NVI’s high-tech campus in hill-lined Indiana County, Pennsylvania east of Pittsburgh.


“NVI’s accelerated six-month programs in diesel and auto technology are helping to address a critical shortage of technicians by getting well-educated technicians into the field more quickly,” Sherry said. “We are delighted to help NVI add to its very impressive assortment of equipment in the diesel shop and to support their efforts to solve the industry tech crisis.” 


NVI has focused on teaching the techniques employers consider the most essential including life skills. “We exist to help students achieve their dream of a rewarding technical career and match them with our national employer partners who eagerly want to hire them,” said Beeman, the NVI CEO. “Vehicle and heavy equipment technicians support hallmark industries that are the backbone of the U.S. economy.”

If you are interested in partnering with NVI or know deserving student candidates, please contact Chris Barton at

Partner Spotlight:
Allegheny Trucks donates International ProStar truck to NVI Blairsville

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